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Is Your Home Safe?

How safe is your home on a scale of 1 to 7.6?

If a major portion of your assets are in an unbolted home, this is something you need to think about. In most cases, for less than the cost of a paint job you can help protect your investment. What are the odds of your home surviving a large earthquake? If it is an older home (pre1938) it may lack vital connections that would keep it on the foundation during the next earthquake.

What could happen to an unbolted home in the next strong earthquake? Take a look!

6.3 — House could slide 2" to 3" breaking sewer drain lines, water supply lines, and unprotected glass.

6.5 — House could slide 4" to 6" causing gas leaks and some structural damaging.

6.8 — House could slide 8" to 12" with possible partial collapsing of structure, electrical shorting.

7.1 and greater — House could be nearing total loss. Fire hazards develop.

If you have a raised foundation with poorly braced cripple studs, bolted or not bolted, the severity of the above damage scales would be greater and could occur in much lower magnitude quakes.

Just suppose your well planned emergency supplies are stored in a poorly protected home (as was the case with some victims of the 7.1 Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989.) Here is what would happen:

  • Many emergency supplies could be damaged or contaminated.
  • Authorities may not allow access to the supplies.
  • Supplies may be destroyed by fire along with the home.

Your chances of beating the odds are not even worth the nagging worries of: "Will it happen tonight?" Or worse: "Will it happen while I'm not at home with the family?" The struggles with insurance collection and temporary housing. Self incriminations! LIKE.... "I should have!" "I wish I would have called!" "I told my wife to call!" "I really and truly was going to call next week!"

Do it now! Call for the level of security your family deserves!

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